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Elemental Balancing Ritual Stillness Month 17: Boundaries

pwwiy9ejprermhlz0rjigkvboqkwxycj2oh4akkxkye2-26-16 I meditated about fulfillment today. One of the challenges I’ve had in my life is recognizing that fulfillment doesn’t come from external sources, but rather from within. You can try and fill your life up with people, and things and adventures, but if you aren’t fulfilled all any of that will do is make you feel empty. There are still days where I struggle with my feeling of fulfillment and there are other days where I feel fulfilled. My stillness work has lead me to greater fulfillment, because I’ve focused on being with myself and whatever I’m feeling instead of doing. Doing has always been the distraction for me.

2-29-16 I went away to RJ. Stewart’s and Anastacia’s weekend spiritual intensive with Kat. It was a powerful experience. I’m letting things settle and I’m sure that what I’ve experienced will show up in my other writing, but for this particular post there were a few of things of note that happened, which I’ve been processing in relationship to my stillness work.

The first is that I got a chance to tell R. J. my regard for him and how I consider him to be my spiritual mentor. I have never given another person such regard, for in general I consider most practitioners to be my peers, but I feel like he is part of a spiritual lineage that I identify with him and I feel rather fortunate to have the chance to learn directly from him. I may not always agree with his perspective, but I have a lot of respect for him and I’m glad to call him a spiritual mentor and also identify with the spiritual lineage that he is a teacher of. During the weekend I ended up receiving a spiritual transmission from him (beyond the class) and I felt honored to have that acknowledgement as well as aware of the responsibility that goes with it. (Read More)

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