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How to Develop True Working Relationships with Clients and Vendors

15In a world where technology persists, and scores of online connections seem to mean success, personal connection is losing.

But people crave one-on-one engagement, and building business relationships with this need in mind can mean the difference between getting that sale, keeping that talented employee or gaining the loyalty of a valued partner, or not. In Geoff Colvin’s “Humans are underrated,” he suggests the most important skill in our economy is empathy, suggesting a shift from “knowledge workers” to “relationship workers.”

Here’s how an owner of a general contracting business built relationships with his subcontractors with great results – and five tips for applying his process to any business.

Mike Novakoski was dreaming of a way to make his company, Elzinga & Volkers Construction Professionals, stand out among the myriad of Michigan-based general construction companies. “It’s the best price or best relationship that wins deals,” says Novakoski, a member of Young Presidents’ Organization since 2007.

Taking a page from his YPO forum practice, Novakoski focused on building relationships. “Our subcontractors make or break our company,” he says. “So, we removed the off-putting term ‘subcontractors’ from our vocabulary, began calling them trade contractors and started treating them like true partners.”

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