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Children’s matters: Grandparents and extended family rights

8A relationship breakdown involving children does not only affect the children and their parents, but can also have a significant impact on extended family such as grandparents.

The law recognises the significant role extended family members can play in children’s lives and attempts to facilitate and encourage their continued involvement and communication following the breakdown of a relationship, particularly those who are considered to have played a significant role in the children’s care, welfare and development to date.

In the Best Interests of the Children

The Court’s paramount consideration when making orders in relation to the children, is what is in the best interests of the children. In considering the children’s best interests, the Court considers the nature of the children’s relationship with that extended family member prior to separation and the likely effect of any significant change to that relationship.

Often grandparents take on a larger role in relation to the children’s care, welfare and development other than just seeing the children on their birthdays, special occasions, Christmas, Easter and school holidays. For instance, children often reside with their grandparents for differing reasons. (Read More)

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