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Why Boundaries are Better than Work-Life Balance

57301547One phrase we hear (and use) a lot is work-life balance. But what exactly does that mean? And is it really the healthiest state to aspire to?

Jessica Chivers, managing director of The Talent Keeper Specialists believes that pursuing a work-life balance doesn’t necessarily lead to the most productive and satisfying state for most of us – and that it’s boundaries instead that we should be aiming for.

 Why I hate the phrase ‘work-life balance’

Through my work I have the privilege of hearing other women’s aspirations, concerns and insights into the minutiae of what it takes to be at their best – and one thing that comes up time and again is boundaries.

I’m not talking about the physical, neighbour dispute type of boundary, but the demarcations we use to ensure we spread our energy around a range of pursuits. And I believe they’re a much more effective alternative to pursuing ‘work-life balance’ – a phrase I personally detest.

‘Work-life balance’ implies that the work we do is separate from ‘life.’ This is clearly nonsense – a rich life involves gratifying work. The dichotomy ‘work-home balance’ is little better as it suggests both in equal measure and experienced separately is preferable. (Read More)

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