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Beyond the Card: Keeping Mind, Body and Spirit Healthy

yoga-calms-anxietyJudy Pamp thought she monitored her family’s eating habits fairly well. She knew there’d always be room for improvement, but one seemingly normal school day changed her perspective on everything.

At age 13, Judy’s son Toby learned he had Type 2 diabetes during a routine school physical. It came as a shock for Judy, who was called by the school nurse because Toby’s sugar levels were so high. He was not pre-diabetic, he was diabetic.

“It was a total wakeup call for all of us,” said Judy.

From that moment, Judy and her family made a commitment to one another to become healthier – and to do it together. They made an appointment with their doctor and began working with a nutritionist and diabetes educator.

Part of their commitment was an effort to get more physical activity, but a knee injury had previously limited Judy’s mobility. She told her children she needed their help to get moving and signed them up for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Tribe to Tribe Blues Community Challenge’s #MIKidsCan youth marathon. She admits there was a bit of hesitation, but says the event was the start of their momentum on the path to get healthier.

Over the next nine weeks, Judy walked with her boys to log 25.2 miles of physical activity with the goal of completing their last mile (to reach the 26.2 miles required for a marathon), together at the Michigan Indian Family Olympics. (Read More)

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