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Becoming a Sustainable Household

maxresdefaultAround every home are many steps that can be taken that will help the environment, help slow climate change, and enable the house to become a “Sustainable Household”.

Many of these steps come with the added bonus of also saving money.

Savings from free and easy behaviour change

There are numerous steps that can be taken around every home that cost nothing; they instead require slight changes in behaviour.

  • Turn electrical items off at the power point when they are not in use.
  • Unplug¬†the second fridge when it is not needed.
  • Use the washing line instead of a clothes dryer (each load in a clothes dryer costs around¬†$1.50 in electricity). If it’s raining outside, a pedestal fan or ceiling fan can be used to dry clothes.
  • Turn off the TV when it is not being watched.
  • Only use the dishwasher when it’s full.
  • Set energy saving measures on all computers.

In summer:

  • Use fans instead of air conditioners.
  • Close the windows, curtains and blinds during the day to keep direct sunlight out and then open them at night to let the cool breeze in.
  • If using air conditioners, set the temperature as high as possible and keep doors and windows closed and well-sealed. Only cool rooms that are being used – keeping the garage, laundry, or an empty bedroom cool just wastes energy. (Read More)

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