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Balancing Working at Home with Little Children

Juggling working at home while having two little ones underfoot is an extremely hard thing to do. On one hand, you are lucky to get the opportunity to work at home while still taking care of your children. On the other hand, little ones, whether you have one or more, require constant attention and love, which can derail your business goals. How do you balance both?

Get Real Expectations

5The first thing you have to do when trying to achieve balance in your work at home schedule with young kids is to set real expectations. You cannot realistically think you will be able to work through nap-time every day. My first child has always been a strong sleeper (12 hours straight at night starting at eight weeks – I know, amazing!), but she still experienced sleep regressions, teething, and sickness every once in a while. Now add another kid or two into the mix, and nap and sleep schedules become quite unpredictable.

Set goals for your business each day, but also be prepared when life steps in the way. What will your plan B be if you can’t work during a nap time or bedtime? Being realistic with yourself will help you to take on the right amount of work load that won’t stress you out. I cannot tell you how many times I allowed myself to get stressed over missed deadlines. Don’t make that mistake.

Get Help in Some Form or Another

You can’t do it all, so stop killing yourself trying. My to-do list is always full as a work-at-home mom. There are simply not enough hours to do it all, even if I was on top of my time management skills. This is where it is important to prioritize, cut loose the not-so-important, and get outside help for certain areas. This will look very different in your life, but here are a few things I had to do:

  • Cut lower paying clients or time-consuming clients so I could focus more on the better paying clients
  • Arrange for my toddler to spend a few hours with her grandma once a week
  • Cut out dance lessons for my toddler for the busy season
  • Rely on quick, healthy meals rather than from scratch meals
  • Hired a high school boy to do yard work
  • And will be getting more help from a once a month maid

As you can see, I needed help in many different areas. Arranging child care might not always be the right solution. Child care can be costly, and for us, it is hard to arrange with my youngest daughter’s nap schedule. It is more beneficial for me to hire someone to help with the housework and yard work (and it takes off a huge mental load). (Read More)

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