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Balancing Caring for Ill Parents and Young Children

9American parents are increasingly inheriting a large responsibility: taking care of their aging, often ill, parents. It’s led to what many call the Sandwich Generation, a group that the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes is tasked with caring for their parents while simultaneously providing care to children at home.

According to the New York Times, one-quarter of adults with children under 18 now provide care for aging parents — and over 40 percent of people age 45 to 55 are living with the same situation. The stress of having to juggle caring for others while finding time to maintain personal health and wellness can be overwhelming. If you’re dealing with such circumstances, try these coping techniques to help you manage your needs.

Look at the Big Picture

Juggling tasks that you need to complete for both your children and elderly parent may be challenging, and failing to get through your entire to-do list may send you into panic mode. When you’re feeling as though you can’t keep up with caring for your parent while caring with your child — without letting some of the associated tasks fall by the wayside — take a deep breath and step back. Look at all of the responsibilities that come with caring for an ill parent and children and break down them into smaller pieces. Also, prioritize tasks so you’re sure the most crucial things get done. (Read More)

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