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Are you a balanced parent?

It is every parent’s moral responsibility to help a child grow into a responsible, well-balanced adult. Indulgence without discipline is not the answer!

You can see it on their cute little faces. That feeling of entitlement. The knowledge that they just have to scrunch up those cute-as-button noses and let out a whimper to get anything they demand. That knowing look in the calculating little eyes; the confidence that they have their parents wrapped around their chubby little fingers. The knowledge that they just have to throw back their heads and look up with those innocent faces to set parents drooling, showering them with love and kisses.

It is sickening to watch parents at an airport or other public places overindulging young brats. Today fathers tend to be as indulgent and wonderstruck as mothers have naturally always been. As a result, neither parent is willing to play the disciplinary role in a balanced good cop/bad cop strategy of bringing up kids. Who then is the disciplinarian? Neither, it seems. In fact even when teachers or schools try to discipline or pull up a child for a misdemeanor, most parents are affronted and react with aggression.

As the Indian educated urban middle class sees a steady increase in DISK (double income, single kid) families, what are we doing to our children? Research reports that 10 per cent of Indian couples are opting to have just one child and that around 25 per cent of college educated women prefer a single child! One child means better quality living and education with lesser spends for sure, but also more indulgence, more pampering and spoiling, and more emotional issues for the child. As a result, we are looking at a dangerously self-centred, uncaring generation!

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