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Abundance Mindset: 13 Ways to Activate yours Successfully

10After mama and dada, “Mine!” and “No!” are frequently among a child’s first words. If you are a parent, have worked with children, or have observed children you know that sharing is not something children are naturally eager to do. Helping children grasp the concept of sharing so that they can put it into practice is a necessary and slightly exhausting endeavor!

As an adult, the expectation is that you have matured and mastered the skill of sharing. You may share in the most obvious ways; however, when you operate out of a scarcity mindset it is a tip off that there is still room for growth.


  • Cling to things or the people in your life
  • Frequently experience anxiety or fear
  • Avoid taking risks – you don’t want to lose what you have
  • Feel stressed because there is not enough time or money; a shortage of jobs, clients, opportunities, etc.
  • Are protective of things like your time, money status, ideas, positions, etc.
  • Are stingy or prone to comparing yourself to others
  • Find yourself making excuses or blaming others
  • Are frantic and rarely take the time to rest or take a Sabbath
  • View the world in terms of winners and losers

Selfish children are not pleasant to be around. The grabbing and protective hoarding are behaviors that reflect a scarcity mindset. Children are not the only ones who suffer from this mindset. However, when a leader operates out of a scarcity mindset it hinders trust, teamwork, and innovation among other things.

As a leader your mindset is one of your greatest assets. If you want to succeed as a parent or person of influence an abundance mindset is a must! Having an abundance mindset starts with knowing the source of everything – God. (Read More)

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