1. An S.O. who lifts you up and reminds you how awesome you are when you really need to hear it

Being in a relationship should feel good, not anxious or stressful! Your significant other is someone you can go to for support and to help you overcome challenges you’re facing. While people in our lives push us to be the best people we can be, a partner in a healthy relationship accepts and loves you for the person you are today.

  1. Having a safe place to vent and share your feelings

Being in a healthy relationship means having really great communication, which encompasses a lot of different things. Communicating can mean negotiating and finding mutually beneficial solutions to arguments, but it can also mean feeling comfortable sharing with your partner. So at the end of a long day, you should count of your partner to be there and listen – and vice versa!

  1. Being with someone who will sweep you off your feet, not step on them

Good partners recognize that they are a part of your life – not your entire life. The person you are with should encourage you and always give you the space you want and need. Even more than that, having a significant other should never mean that you have to give up relationships with your friends or family. Your partner is there to make your life even better, not take people away from it.

  1. Feeling totally cool saying no, and really excited when you want to say yes!

Every relationship has different expectations, but one thing is for certain: you should only be doing things with your partner that you are 100 percent comfortable with and ready for. Intimacy can be a great part of your relationship, and it can help you connect with your partner. Healthy partners communicate often and always check in when they think you might be uncomfortable. People who love you don’t pressure you or shame you for not doing what they want.

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