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7 Powerful Benefits of Fasting on Green Juices

Juice fasts are excellent thanks to cleanse and detox, and we’ve got seven powerful benefits of fasting on green juices!

Many cultures and religions use fasting as a powerful tool to heal the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Most often when we are looking to improve our health, we find ourselves consumed with the nutritional value of the food and how often we are putting food into our body. But how often do we consider the rest the body needs from food? The majority of people who fast use only water; fasting using raw green juices created of the most effective organic green vegetables and sprouts could be an additional possible approach and can provide many healing benefits.

To learn exactly how fasting with green juices can help; examine  these 7 reasons why you should fast using green juices rather than fasting using only water.

Benefit #1- Green juice fasting helps the body rest. It cleanses and detoxifies the body and provides the body with oxygen. Stored toxins will be released from the cell and eliminated from the body.

Benefit #2 – Green juices can provide nutrition that keeps the body in balance and helps regulate blood sugar. Because you are fasting on green juices, your body is getting the nutrition it needs, while at the same time cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Benefits #3 – Green Juice will facilitate management hunger pangs. Increasing the intake of liquids especially green drinks minimizes discomfort. When you add good green nourishment especially with the addition of sprouts to your juices you get the added benefit of consuming complete protein. Protein helps to regulate the blood sugar. This can help you feel much more secure and stable during fast day.

Benefit #4 -One of the most effective blessings of doing a green juice fast is that the enzymes. Enzymes are the catalysts of all life. They are specialized proteins that carry out a wide variety of chemical reactions. They create life within your cells and your body. We need enzymes. One of the best ways to get them is to drink them. Raw green juices are a great way.

Benefits #5 – Fasting will give you an opportunity to do more in your life than just sitting in front of a plate. Since you are not preparing and cooking food, you will have more time to focus on other important things. You will have more time in the day and have no need to worry about preparing food.

Benefit #6 – As you continue to fast with green juices more regularly, your physical body will improve. The body will function better. Your immunity gets stronger and is more equipped to help protect you from diseases.

Benefit #7 – Fasting on green juices helps to stabilize our emotions and helps you get in touch with your spiritual self.

7 Tips to Help You Manage Your Fast!

Fast one day a week using green juices. Research shows that you can add 20 years to your life if you fast one day a week.

At the beginning, fast on days that are not busy so that you can concentrate on your fast and rest if you feel tired. Once you become a more effective green juice faster, it will be easier to fast any day of the week.

Drink a minimum of 3 green juices (preferable 1 liter/quart each).

For best results, green juices should comprise 50% juice from sprouts and 50% juice from green vegetables.

Drink lots of water and herbal tea in between green juices.

Start fasting after dinner on any given night, and fast through the following day and until midday of the next day (e.g., start Friday 6 pm, end Sunday at noon)

After the fast, the primary meal ought to be light-weight. This allows the digestive juices to awaken gently.

Fasting is a great adjunct to self-healing. It may take two to three months for the body to feel comfortable and secure with fasting. However, once you get used to fasting, your body will look forward to doing it regularly. And make sure to add Sunwarrior Super Greens!

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