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6 Ways I Nurture the Relationship with My Kids

 1) More downtime, less running around

02I needed to be doing something all. the. time. I like to stay busy. After I had the girls I stayed busy out of necessity. I had to get things done and I have always felt pressure to keep running around doing something to keep my day in order.

Now, I’m more focused on getting the urgent things I need finished and then relaxing with girls. We might choose to jump on the trampoline, play a game of Candy Land, or just read a million books before bed.

 2) More listening, less barking orders

When I’m short on time I get anxious and that usually comes out in the form of a raised voice and yelling. It doesn’t make me feel good so I know it doesn’t make my girls feel good.

I’m trying really hard to

listen to them more,

speak softer to them,

really let them know I am here available to talk with them whenever they want. (Read More)

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