May 14, 2017

It is expected that parenting comes naturally as soon as one becomes a parent. However, the statistics on child abandonment, neglect and abuse are a clear indication that this is not the case. At a young age, children are malleable and impressionable. To be a successful parent, one must tap into their children’s potential and help them to make the most of it. Here are 6 tips one can apply to bring up successful children.

Don’t criticize

It may be tempting to lay down your expectations for your child and tell them exactly why you are disappointed in them. However, this will smash their self-esteem. It takes maturity to realize and accept that your child is an independent human being. You may guide but not dictate how things must be done. Lower or abandon your own expectations and guide your children to develop their own based on their personal abilities.

Ditch the comparisons

My first born wakes up 5 minutes to time and even if I wake him up early, the journey to the bus stop is always done in a rush. My second born likes to be early – sometimes too early. He leaves home at least an hour before class time. It’s easy to wish they are the same and they both make it to school on time. But they are not and this is our reality. It took a few years for me to understand this but once I did, my life became easier.  I can only imagine the pain I caused by making my first born feel like he was not allowed his individuality. Some parents compare their children with others in school or the neighborhood.  It is true that your child may never be good at some things.  You need to accept this and instead choose to focus on your child’s strengths rather than their weaknesses.

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