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6 Behaviors to Cultivate a Mindset of Abundance while Caregiving

maxresdefaultI first heard about the ‘mindset of abundance’ on a podcast and it allowed me to analyze why I like hanging out with certain people more than others in my personal life. I like moms who subscribe to this mindset who know that my kids can be smart, socially accepted, and athletic and their kids can too. I also like women who share great shopping deals or fat burning tips knowing that we all can look and feel our best. It’s not an either/or situation – we all can win at parenting, health, marriage and living a happy life.

This same mindset of abundance can be applied toward caregiving.

What is a mindset of scarcity?

To further explain what I mean by an abundant mindset, I need to first explain what the opposite mindset is – the mindset of scarcity. Someone who possesses a scarcity mindset while being a family caregiver may say or think the following:

  • If I don’t do everything myself, than I won’t be in control.
  • I’ll never have any time for myself.
  • No one can possibly understand what I’m going through.
  • If I don’t do all of the caregiving myself, then I won’t get the credit for it.
  • It’s not fair that this sibling gets to ______. I don’t get to do that. I should be able to do that.
  • Why does this sibling get all the attention? I guess no one cares about me.

Basically, if you reread the statements above they are built upon fear and guilt. A scarcity mindset can hold people back in life and perpetuate negative feelings. A scarcity mindset feels limited, rigid and problem-focused. (Read More)

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