5 Tips To Teach Your Kids About Balanced Eating

We all want to feed our families the best—the best fruits, best vegetables, best meats. But the truth is, we are bombarded (“we” being us and our children) with commercials for prepared food, junk foods, convenience foods in print and in TV advertising.

And, if we’re being honest, the advertising works. Tell us something is crave-worthy, and we are likely all in on it. And we know better! What chances do our children have?

They have us. We give them the chance to eat well by modeling healthy eating habits and by putting healthy choices in front of them. It doesn’t mean there is never a time for chocolate (fill in your own treat of choice, be it birthday cake, pie, ice cream, chips). “All things in moderation” is a good way to approach it.

Here are five ways to model good behavior or create good habits for the entire family:

Choose lean protein for your dinners.
Get your family used to a variety of proteins that includes lean fish, poultry, pork or beef, and when you put beef on the plate, look for Laura’s Lean Beef products. Besides being naturally lean, Laura’s Lean Beef is produced without added hormones or antibiotics.

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