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5 Imaginative Ways to Remember your Dreams.

September 28, 2016

elisa-romeo-says-that-our-imagination-is-our-greatest-spiritual-toolWhat did you dream about last night? Can you remember? Somehow the incredibly vivid images that we remember when we first wake seem to disappear by the time we have eaten breakfast.

Ever since I was a small child I have always been fascinated with my dreams. I can remember sharing the stories with classmates in the playground who actually weren’t that interested as they just wanted to play. And actually like play, dreams are just another way that we engage with the imagination. Elisa Romeo says that our imagination is our greatest spiritual tool.

As children we seem fluent with the language of the imagination pretending to be superheroes, roleplaying being an astronaut or turning a towel into a cloak of invisibility. As adults, in our waken state, we often lose touch with this energy. But as we sleep our Soul speaks to us through the imaginal language of metaphor. It’s as if messages from the Soul are translated into images that we can relate to in our waking lives. So, we dream of flying or houses or falling or monsters or sex or faeces or loosing teeth.

Driven by curiosity, I clearly remember consulting my mother’s well-worn Dream’s Dictionary to find some clues as to what the images meant. Today, I like to look at dreams less rigidly and work with them in a creative and soulful way. Many ancient cultures believed, and still do, that if you are not in touch with your dreams you are not in touch with your Soul. (Read More)

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