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4 Steps to Fostering an Abundant Mindset & Life.

perhaps-its-true-that-money-cant-buy-happinessPerhaps it’s true that money can’t buy happiness (although research shows it can improve happiness if well spent). But money does make life easier, and can bring immense comfort and peace of mind.
Yet money is often a tremendous source of worry. Anxiety over budgets and expenses can cause sleepless nights. The daily grind of work can feel like hamster wheel.

Having faced bankruptcy at the helm of a financial markets education company during the global financial crisis, I once struggled deeply with angst about holding onto money. I’ve researched this and tried various tactics in my own life. Now, I believe the secret to achieving financial abundance more naturally and easily lies not in running faster on the hamster wheel, but in undoing the focus on lack that fuels the cycle in the first place.

It sounds like new-age mumbo jumbo, but it’s based on brain science—in particular, our brain’s reticular activating system, which sorts incoming data based on what we believe to be true, important, or relevant. By changing what we sort for we change what we notice. Then we can suddenly see a different set of opportunities that we were effectively blind to before, transforming everything.

Four steps will help start the process:

Get out of Financial “Scare-City.”

The notion that there’s never enough money to go around comes from an age-old mindset that the earth’s resources are limited, that we’d better grab and hold onto what we can lest someone else take it.

This leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy, a state of fear where we can’t see the many possibilities that will create or increase our wealth. I refer to this mindset as “Scare-City.”

If we feed our fear, it will win and control us. But if we starve it, it will weaken. (Read More)

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