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30 Things You Need To Do On Your Own

being-alone-and-being-lonely-isnt-the-same-thingBeing alone and being lonely isn’t the same thing. There are moments when you just need to try doing things alone and hold your own hand when you’re scared. Whether you just had your heart broken or you need to take a short break from your guy or you just want to try something new, we have the right thing for you. Here’s a list of the 30 things you can try doing alone next month. The comfort of solitude might surprise you and make you realize a few important lessons in life.

1. Eat out alone. You may feel like the entire restaurant feels sorry for you because you’re sitting at a table for two on your own, but don’t mind them. If the idea of dining out by yourself intimidates you, bring a book or a magazine with you.

2. Finish a tall glass of milkshake. The amount of happy hormones you can get from finishing this sweet treat will surprise you.

3. Go to a museum. Feed your mind and learn about the country’s history. Linger and read up on the exhibits that interest you. Listen to the guide as he gives you short explanations. Just allow yourself to absorb as much knowledge as you can.

4. Watch a movie alone. Sitting inside a semi-dark place alone is actually relaxing, and you can also concentrate on the movie better before hearing what others have to say about it. (Read More)

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