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3 Tips to Successfully Set Work-at-Home Boundaries

working_on_projectWorking from home can be a liberating experience for many entrepreneurs and employees.

But with general household distractions and kids underfoot, getting actual work done can be challenging.  In order to keep their businesses on track, successful workers know the power of creating an organized workspace, developing good habits and setting work-at-home boundaries.

Some great tips on setting boundaries and avoiding business-busting distractions from entrepreneurial advisor, Maria Marsala (@mariamarsala):

Keep your office and home as separate as possible.

Create a workspace that you really enjoy walking into and has everything you want in one area. Organization books call it a “zone”: an area of the house having one purpose.

Hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your office door when you work-at-home.

This sets boundaries with family and friends so you can work at home productively.

Do not allow others to walk on your business boundaries

Learn to say no without feeling guilty or giving long-winded explanations. (Read More)

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