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3 Signs your Child has a Healthy Relationship with Food

8As a registered dietitian, I am well aware of the wonders good nutrition can do. And still, despite all the knowledge and credentials behind my belt, striving for a perfect diet is much lower on my priority list than fostering a healthy relationship with food for my children. Of course, variety and an overall balance are important.

But if we put all our energy into measuring portion sizes and counting numbers of servings we have less time to shape our child’s healthy relationship with food – something no amount of kale or chia seeds can do for us.

And something our children need so desperately in this turned upside-down food environment.

The good news is that even if your child is not a perfect eater today, with the right feeding strategy in place he is very likely to grow into a happy one, with a healthy relationship with food and good eating habits.

What I love about a healthy relationship with food is that it can give freedom from food rules, lessen anxiety around eating and support positive body image.

It also helps feel great about eating and nourishing one’s body, minimizes emotional eating and allows to stay attuned to hunger-fullness. (Read More)

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