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3 Easy Ways to Remember your Dreams and Enhance Dream Recall

new-moon-in-pisces-horoscopesAre you still feeling the glorious energy that has launched March 2016 eclipse season? We are two days out of a total solar eclipse and New Moon in Pisces horoscopes energy is still quite thick in the air. And it will be for some time, as that is just how eclipse energy goes. From an astrology perspective, eclipse energy heralds change, and information that creates that change. Have you received big information this week? If not, there is plenty of time, as March 2016 eclipse cycle has only just begun. In two weeks we will have it again with the partial lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Libra. More epic change in the way of seriously closed chapters is on the horizon for us all. Are you ready?

Sometimes the information that arrives during eclipse season comes in unconventional methods and we can’t even tell we are receiving this information at all, and the March 2016 eclipses are no different. A lot of Earthlings are really dense when it comes to picking up Universe signs, myself included! Sometimes, especially for those certain areas of your life where you have tried so hard not to look at for years, it’s really hard to pickup signs. And so this is why astrology puts us through these eclipse cycles. To force us to take a look. It’s hard. It can be painful going back there. But the light at the end of the tunnel is a miraculous one if you dig deep and do the work. Are you ready?

One way to do so during eclipse season is by entering the psychic portal. We’ve been talking about this psychic portal for weeks to prepare you for these changes ahead. The psychic portal can help you navigate this period of uncertainty and fear, and give you clues as to the information that lies ahead. And with the New Moon in Pisces total solar eclipse launching the March 2016 eclipse cycle, a very potent way to receive information this month is through your dreams. Because this New Moon and March Pisces energy is going to ensure that dreams meanings play a big role in your life over the next few weeks. There is some very powerful information there, and some hidden astrology answers, if you are paying attention. (Read More)

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