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12 Ways you can have a Better Working Relationship with your Boss

9Your boss is the most important person for you at the office and it’s particularly important to have a good relationship with him. We are well aware of this fact, and yet we struggle to keep things normal. But that’s alright till the time we’re willing to learn.

Read on as we give you 12 tips that will help you work better with your boss.

1. Make your boss’s worries the centre of your universe. 

Understand your boss’s needs, worries and priorities. He must be having deadlines and challenges too. Try to help if you can and work in a way that you can match his priorities.

2. Don’t forget that he’s a human being too!

There’ll be times when he’ll get angry, or expect you to work extra, but that’s what most bosses do. Instead of focusing on his bad points, shift your focus to the positives. This one quality will definitely improve your professional compatibility with him.

3. Keep the boss informed.

Keep your boss informed about your progress, and the obstacles you’re facing while finishing a project. This will help you get his inputs, and at the same time, update him. It will also save him the need to micro manage you. (Read More)

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