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10 Great Balance Toys For A Child With Special Needs

One of the key elements to gross motor skills is balance. Balance allows control of movements during stationary (static) as well as moving (dynamic) tasks like laying, sitting, crawling, walking, or running.

How Balance Works

Ears play a large role in balance due to the vestibular system which arises in the inner ear and is responsible for processing movement, changes in head positions and the direction and speed of movement.

The vestibulocochlear nerve sends signals to the brain that control hearing and ultimately helps with balance. The ears receive assistance from the eyes, joints, and muscles too keeping bodies balanced and upright.

Balance is something that needs to be learned through experimenting with body movements. There are many toys and play products that can motivate and encourage children to improve their balance. These toys and play products can help teach balance while sitting, standing or even moving- all critical skills for everyday life.

Here are toy ideas that will help with balance while sitting, standing or moving:


1. WePlay Rocking Bowl

Kids can promote core and arm strength while using the rocking bowl to balance. Don’t worry! Kids won’t tip over. The rocking bowl can be used upside down to climb, sit, stand or even hide under during active and pretend play fun. The rocking bowl has a wave design so that kids can’t pinch their fingers.

2. Tumble Forms

Chairs like Tumble Forms offer security, durability, and adaptability for children to access the world around them independently. Tumble Forms give a child the ultimate positioning for accessibility during interactions with friends and family.


3. First Toddle Baby Gym

This product encourages exploration for children just learning to walk. Favorite toys can be hung down the sides and the tray offers a place for other incentives to be placed for baby to walk encouraging balance and muscle strength in the legs and arms. The First Toddle Baby Gym grows with your child- it can turn into a soccer net or basketball hoop to engage in pretend play and cognitive development.

4. Little Partners Learning Tower

The Learning Tower offers parents peace of mind when little ones want to help! The sturdy step stool is adjustable in height and has non-tip construction. It is big enough for two kids to share space to play or help out. The Learning Tower offers accessories like the Playhouse Kit and Art Easel to expand play!

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