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Why it’s Important to Control Household Chaos

obama_dcck202_45690081Living with kids is inherently chaotic. Children are messy, uncoordinated, and excitable, and need your help to do almost everything. For an illustration of exactly what we’re talking about, just connect the dots below to reveal a picture of what a particularly crazy morning might look like at your family’s house:
After you finish connecting the dots, you might be faced with something like this:
Looks messy, huh?
If it also looks familiar, then now might be a good time to make sure you’re keeping your household’s kid-induced chaos level in check. And there’s a really great reason to do so
Researchers at the University of Louisville, Columbia University, New York University and Virginia Polytechic Institute studying the effect of household chaos—defined by disorganization, lack of routine, excessive noise, crowdedness, lots of coming and going, or an overly fast pace—have found that that the more chaotic a family’s life is, the more likely their children are to encounter a number of issues, including:

  • smaller vocabularies and lower IQs
  • higher levels of attention, aggression and conduct problems
  • delay-of-gratification limitations
  • more stress
  • poorer and less consistent sleep patterns
  • less positive relationships with parents and siblings
  • worse overall health

Household chaos is so detrimental to kids that even the best parenting practices can’t overcome its effects. Multiple studies have shown that chaos leads to negative outcomes for kids, no matter what your parenting style is, how much money your family may have, or what your kids’ personalities are like. That means that chaos can happen in any home—even if you’re doing everything else right! (Read More)

See the compete original article at : http://www.pbs.org/parents/expert-tips-advice/2015/05/important-control-household-chaos/

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